A better LEGO World Map

Like so many of you I did not like the official LEGO World Map (31203). So I went looking for alternatives... And found one!

The original design is from GooseWithBricks. While Pixlut made a more efficient version that uses less parts.
I used Pixlut's design and refined it further to reduce the piece count and bring the design closer to the orignal, fixed some issues in the manual and in the model itself and some other things.

Parts: 3.026
Colors: 10
Dimensions: 128,0 x 80,0 x 3,2
102,4 x 64,0 x 2,6
40,3 x 25,2 x 1,0
Weight: 3.852
Costs: ≅ 500 ~ 600
≅ 500 ~ 600